Specializing in hunting trophy flatheads 

Southern Catfishing At It's Finest

Here at Cathunters we take pride in offering some of the best catfishing trips in the country.  We fish all of Florida’s rivers along its panhandle. We target flatheads, blue cats, channel cats and various other species when called upon. 

Day or Night

Come Fish Florida
For years Florida has been known for its amazing salt water fishery and bass fishing. But today Florida is also becoming known for its spectacular catfishing. With so many miles of rivers to fish the possibilities are endless.
  For years we have been writing about how amazing Florida's rivers are in magazines like In-Fisherman and Florida Sportsman. Today you can come down to Florida and experience it first hand as we go on the hunt for trophy catfish. No matter what your catfishing need is we can find an answer.
Wilderness Adventures hunting Americas Trophy Catfish
Offering: Giant Catfish, Night & Day fishing, River Tours & More!
  1. Flathead Catfish
    We are one of a select few Guides services who target flatheads on a regular basis. Our flatheads average hefty and are some of the toughest freshwater fish around.
  2. Blue catfish
    Blue catfish are Americas largest catfish. Over the years we have mastered the art of taking large blue cats from Floridas most north western rivers.
  3. Channel Catfish
    Florida is home to some of the finest Channel Catfishing in the country
  4. Bullheads And Bluegills Bullheads and blubluegills
    Yes we even offer bullhead and bluegill fishing for those wanting to learn this art.
  5. Bank fishing
    We offer fully guided bank fishing trips to those not comfortable with boats
  6. Full Catfishing Excursions
    We are the only catfish guide in America that offers this service. The ability to be able to fish for multiple days without ever going back to the boat ramp. For more information check out bookings