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Chris Tinberg reviewed 
Capt.Glenn Flowers — 5 star

Can't say enough about this guy! My family and I drove in from Kansas and I was referred to Glenn. He's a down to earth guy and the dude put me on fish. I'm a pretty serious angler and had high expectations. The morning started slow with the first spot and it was a bit crowded with boats but as the day went on we went from spot to spot and just wrecked fish. Some spots we were there 20 mins and some less but we landed fish quickly and constantly. Just between Glenn and
I we put over 100 fish in the boat. A ton of red snappers, black snappers, ocean catfish, our limits of sheepshead, and a couple other species of saltwater fish. He has so many spots and we maybe went to 10. They were all close together so little running around and more fishing. On top of the fun fishing, Glenn had a cooler of drinks, the boat was well kept and clean. He had quality equipment from depth finders to rods and reels. Heck even had super quality hooks, line, and weights. The bait was fresh and all this together made it for an easy and fun excursion. I would use him every time I come back to the Pensacola area.
  1. My 2 sons and I fished with Captain Glenn Flowers this week. We scheduled 4, 4hour trips 2 in afternoon and 2 morning trips. We had a blast, catching so many fish. Many different species. By far the best inshore fishing ever. Never left the bay. Catching several trophy fish. From sharks, red snapper, black grouper, bull reds. He is great with kids!!!! I truly feel I gained a friend. I highly recommend Capt. Glenn Flowers if not wanting to spend a fortune on a boat ride way out to sea, when all you need is right in the bay. Thanks again!!!!
    Steve Clar
  2. An all around great guide service, that puts you and your family first,and will go out of their way to see you have a great time and catch quality fish
    Joe Depew
  3. My first time Red Snapper fishing in Pensacola Bay with Captain Glenn, I'll book with him next time for sure. He put us on the fish!
    Brian Speer
  4. Just had the day of my life with my daughter fishing. Capt Glenn is awesome. He knows exactly where to go to catch fish. I would recommend this trip to everyone. Within 10 minutes of leaving boat ramp my daughter caught giant red snapper and it was fish on from there out. Thanks Capt Glenn!!!!!
    Tommy Hadden
  5. We had a great time loved it great captain will definitely be back again
    Matt Parrott
  6. Incredible guide, will put you on the Red Snappers!
    Stephanie Lemons
  7. Captain Glenn is the Best, Thank you Sir I had a blast, I'm comin back in August, I can't wait... Thanks agai
    James Riley
  8. Great captain and can really put you on the fish. Glenn knows these waters like the back of his hand, and great guy just to be around. Highly recommend
    Raymond Goodwin
  9. I have fished with Glenn on several occasions and every time I caught fish literally until I was sick of catching them. if I only had a few days to live and wanted to fish before I died I wouldn't have to think for a second about who I wanted to take me
    Andy Watts
  10. He always gets his customers on the fish! Good work Glenn.
    Bubba Thomas
  11. Took a trip a couple of months ago and Captain Glenn put us on some fish. Great guy and guide looking forward to catching some cats one day.
    Dillon Lambert
  12. He knows were the fish are will go again
    Seth York
  13. To say I've only fish with Glenn a few times is understatement. Very knowledgeable at what he does and has no problem finding fish. Always enjoyable and memorable trips.
    Jeremy Hebb
  14. Amazing sportsmen and conservationist. Puts exceptional effort into releasing true trophy sized fish so that they can continue to thrive and contribute to the ecosystem. Also haooens to be a pretty nice guy with a good sense of humor. Id fish with him everyday if i had the money
    Pat Coombs
  15. Great guy he will put u on the fish every time
    Jason Ward
  16. Awesome trip out, and was immediately put on the snapper. After limiting out, we target big bull reds and wasn’t able to leave the poles unattended. Glen is a good guy and will make sure your trip is worth the time. Enjoy!
    Wayne Gasaway
  17. Best captain ever. Put us on the snapper, caught our limit in 2 hours.
    Ody Ramey III
  18. Captain Glenn Flowers put us on the fish. Top notch service, great communication, worked us in short notice and around the bad weather. If you want to catch fish, Captain Glenn will put you on them. From way up the river to the Bay and the Gulf you will not be disappointed!
    Jason Hays
  19. Captain Glenn will put you on the fish we caught huge red snapper in the bay if you want to catch fish I recommend you get a hold of captain Glenn
    Teddy Stevens
  20. My son and I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Glenn on 4-13-2018, Capt. Glenn made sure to keep us on the fish, if it slowed we moved to another close by honey hole.. Was very knowledgeable on the different species of fish caught, a few I didn't have a clue what they were especially the Soap Fish, very cool little fish. Hope to have the pleasure of fishing with him again this year. Thanks again Capt. Glenn for a great time ! Mike, from VA .
    Mike White
  21. When you hear the drag scream , you know your on capt. Glenn's boat catching monsters!
    Rick Forness
  22. Thanks Capt! Good time on the kings today! Very knowledgeable on all species. I will book again soon!thank you sir!
    Tony Parker
  23. Excellent captain lots of fish. Made a great birthday for my wife. We'll be back
    Tj Wood
  24. Went on a charter with Captain Glenn and he put us on the fish. Windy, rough, and he still produced and made our trip a total success. Booking with him will make your day.
    Chris King
  25. Great guy and got us on the fish in the bay. Great with my son and did everything he said he would.
    Brian King